Pricing /10, starting at 29,995 and staying bahncard rabatt there thanks to the bahncard total lack of jeep options (standalone or packaged the rabatt Passat GT sits in the heart of rabatt the mid-size sedan segment.
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VW lists jeep the Passat GT as carrying 280 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque which is available rabatt at a rabatt turbo-like 2,500 rpm photobox and we've little reason to doubt.
Also on rabatt schweiz the slower side rabatt is the six-speed dual-clutch automatic.Its bahncard sound is a cherokee reminder of how charming a V6 engine bahncard can be compared to today's buzzy four-cylinders.The GT gets a leather-wrapped steering wheel rabatt with paddle shifters and two-tone leatherette seats, but aside from kleider those changes, it's hard to pick the Passat GT out from its less sporty jeep siblings.But again, this is a family sedan, and in terms schuhe of sheer ride comfort, the Passat GT is pleasant.As we'd expect rabatt from a VW with sporty intentions, the front seats feel appropriately bolstered.But if you want stuff like adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, or lane departure warning, you'll need to look elsewhere.This is a very spacious sedan, and is a welcome respite from mid-sizers that sacrifice rear headroom for a sexy roofline.But like the big Atlas SUV, material quality throughout the cabin is disappointing.Crlb 3G2.0 TDI DSG Life.2017 -.Czca 3G2.4 TSI DSG Trendline.2018 -.Like all other V6-powered Passats, the GT returns an EPA-estimated grand 19 miles per gallon city, 28 highway, and 22 combined.Verdict.7 / 10, american cars of the late 1990s and early 2000s had a lot of things in common.This car photobox is very softly sprung, bounding rabatt up and down on undulating roads.They were spacious on the inside, had huge trunks, and, in their best trims, sporty looks, a relaxed schuhe suspension tune, and a potent V6 engine.The Passat enjoys a five-star overall crash rating from nhtsa, although a marginal ratings takko on the passenger side in iihs' small-overlap front crash test and headlight tests prevent it from earning a Top Safety Pick title.The Passat's price, though, is a strong point.Still, the Passat has plenty of airbags, including side curtains for front and rear passengers.Volkswagen Passat GT is all of those things roughly two decades late. Czea 3G2.4 TSI DSG Life.2017 -.
Design /10, well, the Volkswagen Passat looks like a sedan.

We do like the piano black accents, the little bits of metal on the shifter, and the two-tone look for rabatt the seats (although they're only leatherette but these touches are too spread out to really coalesce into something that feels German.
Czca 3G2.4 TSI DSG Life.2017 -.
But the Passat's numbers compared to the new V6-powered Camry is more troubling the Toyota is on par with the Mazda and Honda on the combined rating, and is nearly as impressive on the freeway, returning 22 city and 32 highway.